Who we are

Aspen Partnerships is a knowledge network and consultancy firm looking to specialise in improving synergies between disciplines, sectors and countries that work towards sustainable development. We are currently based in between Scotland and India. 

We were founded with a very clear problem statement in mind: the success of projects that work toward our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rely on poorly-understood opportunities hidden in region-specific “empathies”, such as culture, local politics, tradition and value aspiration. Failure to uncover these opportunities has often resulted in project failure. Tools and databases available are either scattered, with no coherent index or point of reference, or work from the top-down, such that their actual usefulness in project design and implementation is limited.

We provide an accessible support system for small-medium scale projects and act as a translator between region-specific “empathies” and the language of globally-used innovation and sustainable development criterion. This will serve to bridge the gap in useful information and, on a larger time scale, allow the scaling of identified synergies in a numerous other regions that show similar enabling conditions.

We believe that the crises at hand is a result of a gap in ingenuity; which in turn is deeply rooted in our ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. It is our ambition at Aspen Partnerships that, by 2030, collaboration, through divergent thinking and convergent action, will be the go-to approach to solve any development problem. We are best placed to facilitate solutions that ensure representative growth for all local and international players through mobilising a wide range of stakeholders; turning social and environmental problems into a unified demand for sustainable economic ecosystems.