Why does Aspen exist?

Scotland is developing a reputation for exporting services across the world as a model system for how a country can be managed with the people and the environment at the heart of its growth. In recent years the sheer number of entrepreneurial projects started is staggering, many of these are geared towards exporting Scottish climate enterprise abroad. The concept of an entrepreneur is seen differently in Scotland – if you want to be successful you must be environmentally ethical. As a major hub of wind and tidal innovation Scotland is well placed to help develop these technologies abroad.

Scottish-Asian sustainable developments projects are already under way, with remarkable success. However, they have been hindered throughout the process due to lack of cultural knowledge, unfamiliarity with the local market or legal system. These difficulties make building essential local networks almost impossible – cultural intelligence is therefore a key consideration in any transnational sustainability project. Aspen, with its on the ground presence and local knowledge, will be there to start building these networks.

Building a local network is essential in any project, and has proven to be notoriously time consuming. Aspen will be there to build that network.

Asia and Scotland are very different places, yet are united in their populations’ lust for life. That life, and that of all people’s, is under threat by the global challenge that is climate change, with access to food and clean drinking water predicted to become a much wider issue.

The pan-Asian continent is developing at a staggering rate, creating an ever more demand for water, energy, food and urban development. It is in the global interest that this development is sustainable or we will suffer from the worst threats of climate change we mentioned previously. It makes little sense to develop unsustainable energy infrastructure to then spend time and money altering this later.

At Aspen we aim to change this.

Through our comprehensive program of business and network development we will help Scottish developers contribute to projects on the ground across Asia, while simultaneously giving these projects the publicity they deserve. Our research team on the ground in Asia help facilitate the process, working on a case-by case basis. We guide our clients through every step, from setting up a bank account from overseas to sourcing from sustainable and reputable manufacturers. With our help, long and drawn out business trips become a thing of the past. We act as intermediates to build up trusting relationships with potential partners so you don’t have to. Our presence on the ground ensures that projects will not dissipate into dust as often happens when they lose direct contact.

To augment this service and provide an all-inclusive element to users we have a streamlined facilitated networking tool that allows NGOs, companies, or individuals to be listed online and gain international recognition. This will be populated with groups from both Scotland and Asia to pull them together in dynamic partnerships. Active mediation by our team will pair specific projects together to best meet their needs. Plus a robust project collaboration and troubleshooting tool will allow people from across the world to work together towards the same goal, which will ultimately create a web of shared knowledge, experience and contacts. This will open up access to markets that were previously unreachable by many groups both in Asia and Scotland. This will be by no means a one-way flow of knowledge. There is much to be learned for all parties involved.

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